Business Administration Department (English)

The philosophy and objectives of the department:
Duration: Four years undergraduate degree.
Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in English – Accounting in English or Business Administration in English. Equivalent to a bachelor’s degree awarded by Egyptian universities.

The department aims to build graduates with accounting and administrative skills and high ability to master the English language and the labor market. The department also provides programs that allow students to study all fields of accounting and administrative sciences with the latest scientific and operational methods. The department is characterized by providing qualified faculty members with expertise in their fields The department also seeks to provide job opportunities for outstanding students in companies, banks, factories, etc.

The department is divided into English accounting department and English business administration department
– Laboratories and their potential: –
The department has many computer labs, through which students are trained in the latest technological methods in accounting and business management.

Graduation Projects:
The students prepare the graduation project through the provision of scientific research supervised by specialists in the field of accounting and business management.
– Scientific activity of the department: –
The seminar aims at providing scientific seminars for the purpose of providing the student with information, educating him and expanding his horizons, including a seminar for the head of the department of administration at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, and a cultural symposium for the editor of Al-Obeid newspaper and a member of the People’s Assembly to discuss contemporary issues on the Arab and international arenas.
The department provides training opportunities for students in the fields related to different aspects of the study to ensure the integration of the educational process, as well as to strengthen the relationship between the department and the labor market.
– Relationship of the department to society and industry:
The department provides graduates with full knowledge in the fields of accounting and management and is entrusted with the administrative skills required to raise the level of all institutions and institutions in the community.