The philosophy and objectives of the department:
The department aims at graduating specialists in computer science, information technology, practical and practical skills of the computer and to meet the needs of the labor market.
The department is specialized in training graduates on the latest programs and tools for building systems. The department also seeks to coordinate with companies to train students in practical training.

Laboratories and their potential:
I have section 5 computer labs, which contain 89 computers to be practical exercises for different subjects.

Graduation Projects:
The students prepare the graduation project in the final year, which is the establishment of websites on the Internet, and the students of the fourth year a number of at least eight projects graduated from them, for example but not limited to:
• Akhbar El Yom Academy website.
• Online banking system.
• E-Commerce Site.
• Site to identify people through Face Recognition.
• Image Steganography location.
• E-Learning Project.
• Online Bookshop.
• A site for the University Registration System.

The scientific activity:
The department held a scientific discussion of the graduation projects and attended by deans, agents and professors from the faculties of computers and information in the Egyptian universities and faculty members in the department, which the students will prepare in order to guide them and shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of the projects.

Summer training:
Students are trained in the first and second classes for two weeks during the summer.
• The training program includes teaching the skills of writing programs using modern languages while training students on how to build sites and systems.
• For the first group, they are taught HTML and web design.
• The second group is trained in Visual C – .net.

The relationship between the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in the community:
 The department aims at graduating specialists in information technology that meet the needs of the integrated and sustainable development of the society in various sectors.
o In addition to providing advice and scientific and technical assistance to the bodies and agencies that use computer technology.
o In addition to deepening awareness of the use of computer and information technologies in the sectors and institutions of the state and raise the efficiency of use through specialized training courses.
 The Department also undertakes scientific agreements with the corresponding bodies and institutions.