The philosophy and objectives of the department:
The department aims to prepare distinguished engineers in the fields of communications, electronics, computers and control systems.
The department also seeks to prepare engineers on the highest level of technical and highly skilled and related to the industries in the fields of electronic industries, fiber optic and control systems and modern communications systems and branch division to the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering.

The department is divided into the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering and the Department of Communications and Electronics Engineering.

Laboratories and their potentials:
The department contains a large number of labs that serve all the applied fields of the department namely physics labs, electrical circuit laboratories, electronics and digital circuits as well as nanotechnology control laboratories, microprocessor and computers as well as micro wave modulators, antennas and communication systems.
In addition to the laboratories addressed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Summer training:
The department organizes compulsory internal summer training for all students for two weeks after the end of the exams of the last year. This training is practical for the study during the academic year.
Such as the implementation of circuits ranging from simple circuits to control circuits. The department also provides external training opportunities in the 6th of October City factories and companies for students who wish to do so.

Graduation Projects:
Students prepare graduation projects in the final year in the most important areas in the scientific field that may be required by the student in his career such as antennas, microwave circuits, control circuits, fixed and mobile communication systems, optical communication systems and computer fields.

Scientific activity of the department:
The department prepares scientific conferences and seminars with third parties such as major telecommunications companies and measurements.
The department also conducts many scientific activities for students such as specialized courses in DSP, VHDL, MATLAB, which helps to prepare engineers at the highest level.

The relationship of the department to society and industry:
The department organizes training courses in various fields in order to raise the level of factory engineers in the fields of tests, electrical measurements, programming and the use of design packages in various fields.