Agreements for academic interconnection with internal and external universities

First: The internal agreements:
Based on the scientific and pioneering role of the Academy, and in the interest of mutual scientific cooperation and benefit between it and the Egyptian universities at all academic and applied levels, and the desire to graduate students at the highest level of scientific and practical competence that qualifies them to compete in the distinguished fields of work, Connection, namely:
 The Ministry of Education.
 Ain-Shams University.
 Cairo University.
 Social Fund for Development.
 Dar Al Ma’arif, October, Dar Al Taawun, Dar Al Shaab and Middle East News Agency.
 Protocol of Scientific Cooperation between the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University and the Department of Business Administration Sciences (English) at the Academy.
 Protocol of Scientific Cooperation between the Faculty of Computing and Information at Ain Shams University and the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology at the Academy.
The Faculty of Computing and Information at Ain Shams University and the Faculty of Commerce, Department of English at Ain Shams University will prepare the curriculum for the departments of computer science, information technology and business administration in English at the academy, and identify the topics of lectures and laboratory experiments and selection of textbooks for the four years,
Bachelor commensurate with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of universities and undertaking to prepare lists and specifications of the necessary equipment and scientific equipment for the study of the department, as well as to provide a list of study and Approaches to the Supreme Council of Universities to offset the bachelor’s degree awarded by academic bachelor’s degree granted by Egyptian universities, in addition to supervising the rehabilitation of the cadres of the teaching academy for master’s and doctorate to complete the faculty.

There are also many local agreements between the Academy and some state institutions:
Agreement between the academic and general technology company specialized in the field of IT project management information systems for the application of unibest system, which is a site for community education on the Internet and is characterized as easy to use and is available for users and is easy to use and includes a full range of easy-to-use management tools that enable the management of the site Efficiently and effectively.

Second: Foreign Agreements:

The interest of the academic scientific benefit from various foreign universities to keep up with modern technological requirements in the academic and applied fields, the
The Engineering Department of the Academy concluded an agreement with the University of Brunswick Canada and another with the University of Northumbia British, which includes all aspects of cooperation between the two and the Academy, and began to activate this agreement through completion of students of transport years study abroad and obtain a certificate of certification from both the Academy and the University of Northumbia
It was agreed with the University of New Brunswick in order to give students and Bachelor of Communications Canada Alaketronyatman certificate approved by the academic, university and in support of this, the Academy set up a conference in this regard.

An agreement between the Academy, the Oxford Board of Management and the Cambridge Institute for Certified Managers in the United Kingdom for the purpose of granting accreditation, certification and membership to undergraduate degrees outside the UK represented by the Arab World at the Sharjah International Academy for Academic Consultancy. Oxford Academic College grants a license to market and promote the accreditation of the British Commission in Egypt and other countries. .
Cooperation agreement between Academy Akhbar Elyom and Vision Academy for the development of students’ skills in the field of computer science and IT programs has been agreed upon between the Academy and Vision Academy for training and accredited by the international bodies and companies for the performance of international choices through the Internet and their previous experiences. Dealing with similar entities to take part in the academy.

Academic agreement with the University of Northumbria, Newcastle and ratified by the Egyptian Cultural Office in London, provides for the exchange of experiences and information, to support the exchange between Aladratin, the development of educational curricula and causing outstanding students from the academic program of study at the University of Northumbria.

A joint agreement between the Akhbar Elyom Academy and the University and the Leadership International Foundation to launch a joint program between the Canadian University and the Akhbar Elyom through the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Under this agreement, the student will receive a BSc in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick, From Academy News
College of Information The University of St. Thomas has been approved on the same terms as well as an important feature added to us by the leading media expertise in the media, journalism and television.