Member of the Union of Arab Universities (A.Y.A) … Excellence – Quality – Commitment.
Date of establishment of the Academy: Decision of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 53 of 1999 on 16/5/1999.
Name of the owner: Society of Educational and Social Services in Akhbar Elyom under the number of the announcement 4556 on 9/9/1998.
Date of commencement of academic activity: in the academic year: 1999/2000.
Location: 6th of October City – 4th Industrial Zone – Akhbar Elyom Press Complex Building.

Surface area:
A – Educational premises:
The new building: 14530 m2 (77.70 m × 187 m).
The old building: 4601 m2 (50.7 m × 90.75 m).
B – The area of playgrounds and green areas and spaces: 42917 m2.

Academic Departments:
The Academy has the following departments:
• Mechanical Engineering Department includes:
 Production Engineering and Printing Technology Department.
 Industrial Engineering Department.
• Department of Electrical Engineering includes:
 Division of Computer and Systems Engineering.
 Division of Electronics Engineering and Electrical Communications.
• Journalism Department.
• Department of Management Sciences (English):
(specialization in the fourth year):
 Accounting Division.
 Business Administration Division.
• Department of Computer Science and Information Technology:
(specialization in the fourth year):
 Division of Computer Science Department.
 Information Systems Division.

Degree awarded by the Academy:
Bachelor’s degree in the following majors:
• Bachelor of Journalism: Graduation of the first batch in 2003.
• Bachelor of Production Engineering and Printing Technology: Graduation of the first batch of 2004.
• Bachelor of Industrial Engineering: Graduation of the first batch of 2008.
• Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Communications – Computers and Systems): Graduation of the first batch of 2005.
• Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology (Computer Science – Information Systems): Graduation of the first batch of 2007.
• Bachelor of Administration Science (English) (Accounting – Business Administration): Graduation of the first batch of 2007.

Philosophy and objectives of the Academy:
• Akhbar Elyom mission is to provide outstanding education and contribute to the production, development and dissemination of knowledge and to qualify the scientific cadres capable of achieving the development goals and the needs of the Egyptian and Arab society.
• Akhbar Elyom Academy offers a pioneering educational experience that embodies the students’ hopes for a bright future. Its academic programs are diverse and competitive, stimulating minds, imposing dialectical thinking and encouraging intellectual creativity through many different fields and experiences.
• Akhbar Elyom Academy allows students to pursue their studies in a scientific environment that stimulates learning and perseverance to support their journey to seek advanced knowledge and self-realization through diverse options and opportunities to refine and develop skills, human and material materials and advanced technological systems to provide better education and create the conditions for human resources; High scientific, psychological and social qualification.

Objectives of the Academy:

• Providing specialized higher education opportunities in various fields of human, natural, engineering and applied sciences and providing the community with qualified scientific cadres in the specialties required by the labor market inside and outside Egypt.
• Developing knowledge in different fields by encouraging and developing scientific research and employing it to solve the problems of society.
• Local community service, development and problem solving through training programs, continuing education and field guidance, and providing expertise and advice in various applied areas.
• Building an integrated and balanced personality of the university student in its different dimensions, with emphasis on the methodology of scientific thinking, initiative, and sense of responsibility and valuesof work and strengthening its belonging to the homeland.
• To take care of the national intellectual and cultural structure with conscious openness to the sciences, language, culture and experiences of other nations.
• To strengthen links with universities, scientific institutions and institutions locally, internationally and internationally, and to benefit from their experiences in developing the educational process in the Academy.

Summer Training:
• Each student in the first years of the study (first-preparatory) must conduct 15-day practical training within the Akhbar Elyom Academy on 6th October. The Board of Directors of the Academy shall determine the practical training system for students of these years.
• The students of the following years are trained for them within the academy or abroad according to the summer training list and implement the training program under the supervision of the faculty of the Academy.

General Observations of Applying the Academy:
• Egyptian students must apply to the academy through the Coordination Office.
• International students must apply through the Directorate General of the Arrivals: Al Gomhouria Street next to Sidnawi Hospital.
• The Academy accepts transfers from universities and other institutes of students of previous years on terms.

Academic Buses:
• There are special buses for the academy all over Cairo and Giza.