Journalism Department
Four years undergraduate degree and a bachelor’s degree in media – Journalism equivalent to the degree of Bachelor of Media awarded by Egyptian universities.

The department aims to prepare highly qualified media and journalists.

The media and communication revolution is accompanied by the introduction of a new experience in the systems of journalism qualification and its programs linked the press practice to the scientific theory in the media and communication and provide the basics and innovations in the arts of modern journalism so that the participants in the department have the ability to work in the media and the media of the twenty-first century The media and communication revolutions are influenced by both quality and quantity.

The department is concerned with the inclusion of educational programs and media production activities (newspapers, bulletins, magazines) and digital electronic production (ad designs, electronic newspapers, multimedia products).
– Section lab
– Mechanical imaging and editing laboratory

It is a laboratory that allows students from different departments of the Academy to study the theory of mechanical photography and montage, which is a major topic in the printing technology courses taught at the Academy and provides students with access to the latest printing systems and techniques.

Language Lab:
The language lab aims to develop the skills of learning foreign languages for students of different departments in the academy, and train the students of the press department on the arts of speaking and speaking in Arabic and English in addition to the field of translation skills.

The language lab at the Academy includes the following components:
The main control unit for the lecturers.
Thirty student cabins containing 30 controllers are registered individually or in a group. And providing training modules.
A VCR and a monitor are used for delivering the lecture and presenting the training modules with video and audio.

Press Production Laboratory:
Is the laboratory that allows the students of the press department to train in the publishing programs and the design of the journalist to prepare the graduate to design the newspaper and take it out on the computer in full and as is done in major press institutions in Egypt and the Arab world. The laboratory is equipped with 25 devices Apple Macintosh (IMAC) Ali Software: Adobe Photoshop, Press Publisher, Freehand and other publishing software and graphic design.

Internet lab and electronic press:
The electronic journalism environment is a major sector of the media publishing sector in general and publishing through the Internet in particular. The Academy is keen to train its students in the press department on the basics and rules of editing and designing the websites of electronic newspapers through this laboratory which includes twenty one devices connected to the Internet, On the languages of web page design programs by HTML, MS – Front Page and Dream waver. The lab also assists in the graduation of students of the journalism department in the form of an electronic journal.

Press Lab: lab
In the framework of the Academy’s keenness to provide an integrated educational model that combines theoretical study and scientific application in the preparation of future journalists, Akhbar Elyom Newspaper (Akhbar 6 October) has issued a training program for the students of the Press Department on various stages of the press. Senior journalists at Akhbar Elyom through the City Newsroom (Press Lab).
It is an integrated editing center used in the production, editing and design of the newspaper (Akhbar 6 October), which is issued by the Press Section and equipped for printing.
The facility includes various communication equipment necessary for the performance of the press work and includes an integrated desktop publishing unit allows the preparation of the newspaper from the preparation and writing of topics and writing and design and preparation for printing, and students are allowed to participate in all these stages under the supervision of a group of senior professional journalists at Akhbar Elyom.

Summer training:
The Department organizes annual summer training for students in all academic years. The training is done on two levels:
Internal level:
Theoretical training: through which theoretical lectures are held to transfer experiences and build a bridge of communication between students and media professionals in addition to lectures in Arabic and English.
• Practical training: through Akhbar 6 October.
External Level:
Students are trained in the various press releases, providing job opportunities for outstanding students.
Graduation projects:
The students of the Press Department prepare the graduation project in the final year. It is a newspaper, magazine or website with a group of students. It is supervised by media professionals and experts in the field of journalism. The project is discussed at the end of the academic year through arbitration committees composed of Professors and media experts.