The library contains the most recent versions of academic books and specialized scientific references written in different languages the thing which contributes in supporting the educational process both theoretically and practically in all the scientific disciplines of the Academy (Journalism -Engineering – Computer Science – Administration Science… etc.) and supplying the scholars and researchers with all what is new in their specialties along with the application of the latest scientific and technical systems in library and information science to facilitate the saving, the organization and the retrieval of information in order to obtain the maximum benefit from these sets of books.


The Library provides the following services:  

  • Outdoors book loan service.
  • Indoors book loan service.
  • Reference Consultancy service.
  • Photocopying service.
  • The library allows retrieval of information through an automatic index.


All the Academy buildings and halls are currently being connected to the Internet so that the AEYA library could be in contact with the universal libraries network through the Supreme Council of Universities so as to benefit from the references, periodicals and messages presented in the libraries of the major universities.