Philosophy and objectives of the department:
The Department aims to prepare a graduate capable of dealing with the processes and industries that depend on modern technology in its various branches. Therefore, the courses of the Mechanical Engineering and Printing Technology Department are characterized by their follow-up to modern science and its development, as well as the interest in scientific and intensive training both in workshops and laboratories.
The department also links the industry to university education through direct contact with the industry through seminars, meetings, visits and joint supervision of the graduation projects that the students are preparing in the last academic year. The department is divided into the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Department of Mechatronics.

Laboratories and their potential:
The Department of Mechanics includes several distinguished laboratories that help the student to absorb the scientific material:
 Hydraulic and pneumatic plant
 Fluid and Refractories Laboratory.
 Computer numerical control machine lab.
 Workshops including lathes, fries, mufflers, drills, presses, metal workshop, welding workshop, plumbing workshop, measurements workshop, carpentry workshop.
 Physics factor.
 Chemistry coefficient.
 Lab2

Summer training:
The students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Printing Technology will perform summer training for three to four weeks and will be assigned a part of the work grades of the year. This training will be carried out after the completion of the written examinations under the supervision of the faculty members of the Academy.

Graduation Projects:
Graduation projects for the bachelor’s degree are carried out in the form of applied projects so that the groups design and implement the projects in engineering and industrial fields.
Participating in distinguished projects in exhibitions and competitions.

The relationship of the mechanical engineering department with the society and industry:
The relationship between the department and the industry grows directly through a group of scientific centers that provide services and inquiries to the concerned bodies in the institutions of Egyptian society.
These centers aim to raise the level of workers in the field of engineering and printing, which achieves the objectives of these facilities and units and serves their objectives.

Scientific activity of the department:
 The department holds annually at least five scientific seminars in the various engineering fields and a large number of industry participants participate in these seminars.
 The department also participates through distinguished graduation projects in industrial exhibitions such as Technoprint exhibition to present the students of the department in the design and implementation of machines serving the industrialists.