The Academy is interested in community service directly through a group of scientific centers that provide services and consultation to the concerned bodies in the institutions of the Egyptian society and the Arab world, so that these centers have become effective and high level both in the provision or transfer of technology and upgrading the level of workers in the field of engineering and media Printing, administration, computer science and information technology. And provide consultations that help to make economic, political and media decision in the right direction, which fulfills the functions of these establishments and units and serves their objectives.

The Center is managed by a group of qualified professors who provide their expertise, ideas and suggestions, as well as a group of consultants, in clarifying the visions to the students before the institutions, sectors and cooperating sectors to make the right decision at the right time.

The Center organizes specialized training courses in the fields of various scientific activities, journalism applications, media, public relations, public opinion and modern communication techniques, with the aim of restoring and upgrading the performance of students and employees in these fields, increasing their knowledge and developing their skills and developing and transferring new experiences and innovations to them through various training styles. In the field of scientific application.

These courses include:
First: External Courses:
• Recent trends in the internal control of the Eastern Tobacco Company Eastern Company.
• Program of leadership skills and management of the engineers of Eastern Tobacco Company Eastern Company.
• Sales plans and sales forecasting methods at Eastern Tobacco Company.

Second: Internal Courses (at the Academy):
Journalism Department:
• Preparation and presentation course for radio and television.
• Practical applications course on the press release.
• Specialized journalism course (Crime journalism – Art journalism).
• Professional journalism course.
Engineering Department:
• Classic Control.
• Basic PLC session.
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology:
• Course (Matlab)