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AKHBAR ELYOM ACADEMY is a higher Education Institute Member of  AKHBAR ELYOM association Under the Supervision of Ministry of Higher Education            The Academy includes Engineering, Media, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Administration Department   The Academy located in 6 October City and grants license certified by Ministry of Higher Education   To contact us mail
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Graduation Ceremony

Announcement: 2014/2015 Agenda   Exam term  Corrective Exam

*Decmber 8/12/2014: Academy board agreed to start corrective exam. at 28 of December and final first term at 31 December 2014 and end at 20 Jan. 2015, the board and Dr Ahmed Zaki Badr wishing for student good luck and new year.

*July 6/7/2014:Student who would like to participate in transportation service  for 2014/2015 must contact student affairs with fees two thousand pound estimated, dead time for proceeding enrolled student at  30/7/2014 unless the Academy will not guarantee the reservation.

Pre Engin.Schedule   Media Sch   Computer Science     Mechanical    Electrical    Administration 

* Mr. Mohamed El Hoary chairman of Academy board science Jan 2014 ,

* Innovation and Employment Fair for students with 12 industrial company 21 April

*Academy reaps out the First Positions of Sports Activities all over the Country

*25th of January Revolution Mural Gallery at Akhbar El-Yom Academy

*Selecting Secretary General and the Assistant of the Students' Union .

Latest News   (More Details)

-Akhbar El-Yom Academy signed up an agreement for promoting the projects and innovations of the students .

-Akhbar El-Yom Academy Wins the Second Position at Handball all over the Country.

- Opening the registration for the students to participate in students activities (more)

-Organizing Koran Competition for the Academy Students

Dean Message    (About Dean)

Akhbar El Yom Academy aims to offer distinguished education to produce, develop, and spread knowledge and innovation; in addition to  scientific training, an empowering the personnel capability to achieve and develop the goals and fulfill the needs of Egyptian and Arab society "stated by Dr.. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Dean of the Academy". The Academy offers a pioneer education using experience to symbolize hopes of students in achieving a bright future. The academy programs are diverse and competitive to impose argumentative thinking and encourage creativity in different fields.

What Expertise Say about Academy (more)


-Dr.Rashid Al-Hamad Ambassador of Kuwait:"It is a distinguished educational institution, includes most modern commercial and media printers on the level of the Middle East."

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Cambridge Association of Management

Jordan University Ain Shams University Cairo University Ministry of Education  

  To contact US: mail: info@ahkbaracademy.edu.org                                                                              Telephone #: +202 383 471 20

 Address: 4th Industrial Zone, 6th of October City.                                                                  Design by the Academy at 2012 Att. Dr Hussein Omran